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15 Critical Mistakes in Divorce

15 Critical Mistakes in Divorce

15 Critical Mistakes in Divorce

The process of divorce is never a pleasant one matter how much you want to get away from your spouse. Because the divorce process is so unpredictable, as you cannot determine how long it will take or how much you are going to get or loss in the process. That is why divorce need to be handled by those specialized in the process, usually a family law practice in Orlando.

We are going to look at some common mistakes made in the process of divorce.

1. Taking Non-Legal Advice

One of the most common mistakes made in the process of divorce is taking advice just from anybody. There are lots of people, including families and friends that are willing to give advice just for free, or someone willing to share their divorce experience with you. Do not make this mistake, get a proper divorce lawyer from a reputable family law practice in Orlando to handle your case, someone who know about the law process and how to navigate the law. And not all divorce case is the same, so learning from someone else experience will not help you in anyway. You should be willing to spend money on a good lawyer from a highly-recommended family law practice in Orlando.

2. Fighting in Front of The Children

Divorce can be an emotional, draining process, not just on the parents but the children as well. In most cases, it is even worse on the children, so do not make it any more difficult by fighting in front of the children. You should try as much as possible not to put your spouse down in front of the children. This might lead to adverse psychological effect on the children. Studies have revealed that children are more affected by divorce than the parents who can move on easily.

3. Having Feelings of Self-Pity or Guilt

In going through a divorce, one must be emotionally strong, not only to get through the process, but also to get what is rightfully deserved. The feeling of guilt or self-pity might work against you in divorce process, as you will be willing to accept any agreement just to get over the process. You spouse might also use that against you, so you should toughen yourself emotionally to get what is deserved.

4. Not Having a Financial Plan

You should plan your financial life after the divorce process, no matter if you are the one receiving settlement or you are the one to lose financially in the process. You should seek the service of financial planner. Your family law practice in Orlando should be able to recommend one for you.

5. Keeping Things from The Children

You will not be protecting your children if you keep hiding the divorce process from them. It will be beneficial for them to know that you are going through a divorce. Do not keep them in the dark where they have to keep wondering what will happen. Call a meeting and let everyone express how they feel.

6. The Rebound Relationship

The mistake most divorce people make is to jump into another relationship quickly to try and fill in the gap left by their spouse. You are bound to make mistake if you rush in to a rebound relationship. You should some time for yourself, go on a vacation, hang out more with friends.

7. Not Anticipating the Duration of Divorce Process

People fail to plan for the duration of the process of divorce and this might lead to settling on an unfavorable agreement. One cannot easily predict how long a divorce process will take, but to be on the safer side, you should plan for long divorce process. By doing so, you will not be caught off-guard to settle for an unfavorable agreement. Some lawyers’ strategy is to drag on the divorce till one party gets fed up and will take any settlement or agreement offered.

8. Not Considering Mediation

You should consider getting a mediator, someone who have the best interest of both parties to settle or draw out an agreement. This process is faster and less stressful. Speak to your family law practice in Orlando to know whether to go through a mediation before even heading to court as it is a more amicable way of ending the marriage compared to divorce.

9. Being Too Emotional in The Process

The problem of most divorce cases is that some people get too emotional attached to things they should let go off or share custody of. This can drag a divorce process on as both parties will not want to come to an agreement. This might be a property, children or even pets in some cases. Let go and let live.

10. Lacking Financial Knowledge of You and Your Spouse’s Property

You should not make the mistake of being in a financial wilderness about the finances of the household and your spouse. In the process of divorce, get a financial assistant to help you assess the property and gather receipts and financial documents you can gather to know more financially about the household. This will go a long way in helping you get a fair settlement and also plan for life after the divorce. If you are not sure how to get your joint finances in order, speak to your family law practice in Orlando.

11. Playing Unfairly in The Divorce Process

Some people use a divorce process to get back on the spouse, by being uncooperative and getting the divorce process extended unnecessarily. This not only puts stress and financial burden on your spouse but on you also.

12. Failing to Evaluate the Settlement Properly

You should not make the mistake of not evaluating the settlement before finally taking the agreement. There might be some hidden assets or papers that may be hidden by creating some distractions in the settlement, such as giving out large sum of monetary settlement or accepting less money on settlement. Do not fall for such tricks and you should evaluate all settlement before agreeing to them.

13. Failing to Plan the Finances of The Children Before and After the Divorce

Failing to plan for the finances for your children during the divorce process can add more pressure on you to settle quickly which might not be best. Ensure you consider the finances of the children, cutting down unnecessary expenditure so you can meet up with the priorities. And after the divorce process, before moving on, get a financial planner to draw out a financial plan for the children.

14. Overusing Your Lawyer

People make the mistake of using their lawyers for almost everything when going through a divorce. Remember you pay your lawyer by the hour, so do not use them for frivolous activities. You should not make the mistake of using your lawyer as your psychiatrist, or as your real estate agent or the family counselor for counseling. A good family law practice in Orlando is expensive to hire so you should keep your bills down.

Get professional help in all areas of your life you feel you need up, as you will get a better service and spend less money.

15. Denying Children Access to Other Parent

It will be emotionally troubling for the children when they are not allowed to see the other parent. If you cannot consider joint custody, then for the sake of the children, allow visitation by your spouse according to whatever you agreed to.