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Co-Parenting: 4 Useful Tips to Make It Work as Divorcing Parents

Co-Parenting: 4 Useful Tips to Make It Work as Divorcing Parents

Co-Parenting: 4 Useful Tips to Make It Work as Divorcing Parents

Family is everything and while divorce may bring up a lot of issues with the parenting, the welfare of the children is always a reason to maintain a good level of cordiality and a semblance of balance. In our years of experience with family law in Winter Park, here are four of the most useful tips that we give divorcing parents as they navigate the emotionally challenging period of co-parenting

Tip #1: Never badmouth each other in front of your children

Children do not need to hear you say mean things about each other. It is wrong and hurts them emotionally. It also inadvertently makes children feel like they must pick a side. You should not do that to your children because they are going through a lot already.

Divorcing parents should understand that children want to have relationships with both their parents, not align with one against the other. Unless in situations where the children’s welfare is being endangered by an abusive parent, divorcing parents should support their kids to have these meaningful relationships as it sets the tone for their happiness and sense of ‘normalcy’ as they grow older.

Tip #2: Try as much as possible to both be present for the children’s important events

While it is almost impossible to all be together for the holidays or during birthdays, it is advisable to both be around for important milestones like graduation ceremonies, sports events and weddings. If both parents cannot be present at the event even when it is due to a conflict of schedules, children feel very hurt about it and it could lead to them feeling unimportant.

Divorcing parents should strive to maintain a civility that lets them be there for their children during important occasions. In the event where there are restrictions that may violate family law in Winter Park, the children should be made to understand why this may not be possible. Such restrictions arising from family law in Winter Park may include restraining orders or contact rulings as agreed during the divorce.

Tip #3: Do Not Use Your Children to Spy on The Other Parent

It is very wrong to ask children for information about the other parent’s household, associates and finances because it puts them in a difficult situation. It is also immoral and gives the child the wrong message. Do not turn your children to spies as this will lead to trust issues and problems in the future.

If you need to find out anything about the other party, speak to them yourself. It is unfair to make your children the messenger. It has a negative effect on the child. Divorcing parents should find a cordial means of communication that works without involving the children.

Tip #4: Get a Life Outside Your Children

Divorce by itself will not adversely affect the children. However, the way the parents react to it has the potential to damage the children’s coping structures. As tempting as it may seem, divorcing parents are advised not to use their children as a means to fill their companionship void. Get a life with friends, family, a divorce coach or a licensed mental health practitioner.

If you need legal advice about access to your children or issues that could cause a negative effect on the children, you should also speak to a lawyer that specialises in family law in Winter Park.