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What happens if a parent does not abide by a child custody plan?

Divorce comes with its drama, and if a child is involved, it takes the process longer and more complex. As a family law practice in Orlando, we have seen heated divorce cases with child custody battles that dragged on for long even after the divorce has been finalized. After a parenting plan has been established for some couples, it so happens that some parents refuse to obey the child custody order given by the court. For instance, a parent may not pick up or drop off the child on time or even refuse to release the child to the other parent. When this starts to happen, the parent at the receiving end has the options to pursue the matter legally. A family law practice in Orlando can step into the case and help with getting it resolved.

Under the laws of Florida, if a parent for no reason backed by the law continually violates the child custody plan or time-sharing schedule, the other parent that is being denied their parenting time may be awarded additional time to make up for the time they missed. This will be ordered to be done as soon as possible and at a time that will be convenient for that parent.

Also, the parent who violated the child custody plan may have to be the one to settle the attorney hired by the non-offending parent as well as all the court costs and all expenses incurred to enforce the parenting plan. The offending parent may also be made to go for a parenting course. Parents with shared custody should also know that regardless of any disputes they might have over time-sharing with their child, they have to keep up with all their child support requirements.

As it can be seen, a child custody time-sharing schedule must be honored; otherwise, the offending parent can get into trouble with the courts. The parent who was denied their rights will also be given enough time to make up for the time the child was not with them. The most important thing, however, is that parents should be mature enough to put their differences away and put the best interests of the child first. This means that the child should not be dragged into the disagreement between his/her parents and should be given a stable life. If parents can make this happen, their divorced state or not being married will not hamper the growth of their child. A family law practice in Orlando can give parents the necessary advice so they can make the right legal choices.

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